There are bigger fish and harder fish, and there sure are better-looking fish out there. But there’s something special about bass.

It’s a type of fish can be found nearly all around the country. Bass fishing is an activity that you can do with your pals if you want a fun day on the water, or take part in a tournament where big money and big prizes are up for grabs.

Veteran anglers will tell you that part of what they like about bass fishing is that every time can be a little different, so what worked for you on one body of water last time may leave you skunked next time you drop a line in the water. There are so many variables, from weather to type of gear to water temperature. But the pay-off is always worth it in terms of stories of the big ones you pulled in or the big one that got away.

Try these strategies for those eager to bring in great bass.

  • Do your homework. Yes, this term can be the polar opposite of “going’ fishing’” but being prepared and doing advance research can make a difference between going home empty-handed or bringing home a nice catch. This doesn’t have to mean ‘school homework,’ but it does mean studying the area where you’re planning to fish. Does it have a good bass population? What type of bait or lures do the locals like to use? What’s the weather forecast? What is the condition of the water? People may not divulge their secret spots, but they likely will tell you if it’s been a good season.
  • Learn your knots. This kind of skill seems like it’s not directly tied into fishing. But a poorly-tied line can cause you to lose not just your bait but a possible nice catch. You need knots that keep everything attached and won’t fall apart as it moves through the water or chewed on throughout the day.
  • Have different gear ready to swap out. Spending all day in the same area with the same lures and spinners is just asking for frustration or disappointment. It’s easy to say “just one more cast” and staying put, but part of good bass fishing is about adapting and improving.

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