Anytime you’re out fishing, you want to make sure that you maximize your chances of bringing something home. And just like you have different behaviors in different seasons, so do fish. That means you need to adjust to the fish’s behavior as the seasons change so you can be more likely to catch whatever you’re fishing. When you’re fishing for bass in the spring, there are three main things to consider, which are the three Ls: Location; Length of Time; and Lures.


The first consideration when fishing for bass this spring is where you’re fishing. Transition points in the water are usually active. That means it’s a good idea to find a shallow area of water near a deep area if you’re looking for bass. Even though bass spawn in shallower waters, they like to be near deeper waters so they have more opportunities for food. When you find this type of location, you’re more likely to find bass nearby.

Length of Time

The next consideration is your retrieve speed. This is especially important in early spring. When you’re fishing in the early spring, it’s a good idea to slow down your retrieve speed so that sluggish bass can keep up. Until the water warms up, the fish have slower metabolisms, which means they’re moving slower. Once the water starts to warm up, you can adjust your retrieve speed so that it’s not too slow.


The kinds of lures you use should change based on the season, too. Like with your retrieve speed, you want to make sure that bass with slower metabolisms see your lure as an irresistible meal. In early spring, you may want to use lures that work in the winter, like black/blue or black/chartreuse. Once the water starts to warm up, you can shift the colors you use to white/chartreuse, reds, and browns.

No matter what time of year you’re fishing, you have to make sure you have the right gear in your tackle box to be ready for whatever happens. To help you get ready for your spring bass fishing, sign up for a fishing subscription box to build the perfect tackle box.


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