Fishing Christmas Gift Ideas 

One good thing about being in a relationship with someone who loves fishing is that it makes Christmas gift purchasing a little easier. Of course, you can’t buy them a fishing-related gift every year, but if you haven’t purchased one in a couple years, this year is the time you should get them a new product release that will help them be more successful on that next angling excursion.

Rapala Ripstop 12-Deep Lure 

This lure is 4-3/4″ long and should be used at a depth of between four and eight feet, weighing 9/16 of an ounce. The design of the RipStop tail creates a swimbait action which appears fast ripping, flashing, and hard-stopping. Its forward motion stops abruptly, then features a slight shimmy before finally coming to rest. At $12, this is a very cost-effective new product release which is worth a try by any serious fisherman.

Storm Arashi Glide Bait 

This glide bait delivers consistent, stable glide action at every different type of speed, it has been designed to sink slowly with a slight head-down position. It swims in a pronounced S pattern, which provokes the interest of all big bass in the water, and at 7-1/2″ long, it will be seen by all the big lunkers.

SPRO Wameku Shad 70 

A 3/4 ounce crankbait which is 70 mm long, this lure features two different line ties, so that different actions will be observable in the water. It delivers a high-pitched knocking sound that all fish in the water will take note of, and hopefully be curious about. At a mere $11, this is an economical lure which produces results.

Warriors Tackle Supply subscription 

Here’s a unique Christmas gift idea for the fisherman in your family – a subscription to Warriors Tackle Supply service. This is a really special arrangement you can make where the person you register would receive a monthly fishing lure, or some other important tackle box component, based on his/her fishing preferences. Your giftee can skip a month at any time, or cancel the subscription if they choose. Otherwise, they’ll receive one of the finest fishing tackle components each month, to help prepare them for catching that next big fish!


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