Fall Bass Fishing Tips 2021

Excited for bass fishing this Fall? Add some tips, tricks, and techniques to your repertoire for the 2021 fishing season:

Choose the Right Color

Did you know that Bass can distinguish colors? Researchers say that this fish prefers the color red- but not in all environmental and fishing conditions. Since water may be murkier at times, white, lime green, and shiny blue-black are most visible. For clearer water, ghost colors are transparent and perfect for these conditions.

Find your Fly

You run the risk of harming the Bass and losing your fly when you use fish flies smaller than three inches. Generally, a fly closer to six inches works best. Bass are hungry and can inhale a small fly, sometimes causing it to become lodged in the fish’s gills- a sure painful death for the Bass.

Bass are particularly drawn to live bait, especially nightcrawlers.

Get the Right Gear
Don’t try to fish for Bass with the wrong gear. You must have the right kind of rod for Bass, and usually 6-8 weight rods work best, depending on the conditions. If there is a lot of vegetation and grass where you fish, you will need a sturdier rod to hook your catch. The wrong rod can be a disaster.

Keep Things Moving

Just because you found the perfect fly for Bass fishing doesn’t mean your job is done- keep things moving to attract fish. Pause, retrieve, snap, and repeat- mimic what bait might do in terms of darting and moving about in the water. This will pique the interest of the fish.

Keep Time in Mind

The time of day contributes to the right lure and fly for the job. When it is hot, try to fish for Bass during cooler times of day, like early morning or after dark. When the weather turns cooler, fish during the warmer parts of the late morning and afternoon to find success.

Always Assess your Surroundings

Never become complacent about evaluating your surroundings. For example, check the water, nearby structures, objects in the water, and even trash when assessing the best lure and bait to use for Bass. Look for vegetation; some may hold fish.

Use these tips and tricks for your Fall Bass fishing this year- and consider gear, lures, and tackle to give you an edge. For a great introduction to some new lures and fishing techniques, consider warriorstacklesupply.com fishing subscription boxes to try something new and to catch more bass. Also, these fishing subscription boxes make excellent gifts for any angler, any time of year!


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