Subscription boxes has become a popular choice for many consumers. However, how can a fishing mystery tackle box or mystery lures box help you become a better angler? We get this question from many potential customers interested in our Mystery Tackle Box or Mystery Lures Box. It’s simple, these boxes can introduce you to new lures or techniques you may have never tried before. Many anglers get caught up with just sticking with the same lures, and many with just ONE go to lure. This is a big mistake! Any good angler will know that fishing can be very tricky at times. Weather conditions, water temps, water depth, rocky bottom, grassy bottom, and season changes can affect fish. We always recommend our customers to try new lures they may have never used before. During difficult fishing conditions in which you are getting skunked, throwing lures with different presentations may help you strike gold. Gold, meaning a lure that is working for that particular day and will catch you fish. Let’s face it, most brands are made by the same manufacturers. For example, our lures are made from a manufacturer that makes lures for the biggest brands in the market. So don’t be too quick to judge if you get one of our Warriors lures in one of your boxes, along with other brands. So don’t be repetitive with the lures or brands you use, instead expand your horizon! You will shock yourself on how well other brands and lures will work!


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