Fall Bass Fishing Tips 2022 

As the autumn season descends upon us all, it will be necessary to make slight changes in your approach to catching bass and walleye, because those fish are themselves undergoing changes to their routines that you’ll have to account for. As the leaves begin to fall, you can expect bass and walleye to move closer to shore from their former deep-water haunts, in search of more baitfish. If you don’t adapt your fishing strategies to account for these changes, you could be doomed to spend many quiet hours out on the lake without much to show for it.


Historically, jigs have been killer lures for the fall season, so make sure to have a few in your tackle box. Jigs are effective either resting on the bottom of a lake or pond, or when used in the shallows. Because it naturally imitates the movements of a crawfish, a jig can be extremely attractive to bass or walleye, and when coupled with a trailer, it can be even more effective.

Lipless crankbait 

Bass love hitting lipless crankbait, because they’re so much like the baitfish loved by bass. One particularly effective technique would be to cast your lipless crankbait into an area of submerged grass, then haul it out quickly, and allow it to fall back in. More times than not, some aggressive bass in the area will pound your bait and give you a great opportunity of landing a lunker bass.


Spinnerbaits are great for covering a huge amount of water in a very short period of time, and the fall season is the perfect time for doing that. Depending on how the bass are feeding in your area, a spinnerbait can be used higher in the water column or you can go a little deeper with it, to find the bass. Be sure to include one or more spinnerbaits in your tackle box this fall, and get ready for those powerful ambush strikes that bass like to hit you with.

Sign up for a fishing subscription box 

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