Fishing has been a prehistoric practice dating back at least 40,000 years ago. Vessels have been crossing the globe on the ocean in the pursuit of fish. During this time, fishing techniques have evolved. Some techniques included catching fish by hand, spearing, netting, angling, and trapping. Fishing has become one of the largest outdoor sports in the world. From freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing, many anglers find themselves enjoying this historic pastime. With the rise of anglers throughout the world has caused the sport to evolve from local fishing contests into large competitive tournaments. Major League Fishing and Bassmaster have become the two premier bass fishing tournaments in the United States. However, kayak fishing has blown up in popularity. With the lower cost of purchasing a kayak compared to a boat, has made it possible for more anglers to get involved into tournament fishing.

In 2009 Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) set the pace for kayak fishing. The KBF has brought thousands of anglers into the sport of kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is a sport that blew the doors off the fishing industry. Rapidly becoming popular among anglers, causing the fishing industry to focus on creating innovative fishing kayaks, kayak accessories, and electronics to capitalize on the growing trend. Kayak fishing soon turned to innovating fishing tournaments. They created a new way of hosting tournaments through the catch & release method. This paved the way for online fishing tournaments to grow. Catch and release tournaments now made it possible for anyone to participate in any competition, regardless of their location.

The increase of fishing tournaments led to entrepreneurs creating platforms to help manage these tournaments. Platforms like Fishing Chaos and TourneyX are helping tournament directors manage their tournaments. However, many of these platforms lacked features or did not meet the expectations of directors and anglers. A new fishing app called Cast is now on the scene bringing innovation to the world fishing that has never been seen before. Cast is streamlining the fishing tournament process through automation. With Cast it’s possible for tournament directors to add their tournaments, collect payments, review catch submissions, add trail series, customize regions, customize species, automatic leaderboard tracking for tournaments and/or angler of the year, and so much more.

However, Cast is not primarily looking to improve something that already exist, instead they are focused on bringing more entertainment to anglers. Cast makes it possible for anglers to livestream to their app, whether it be a livestream of them competing, recreational fishing, or just doing a product review. Users will be able to find fishing tournaments on Cast or watch anglers compete in real-time in tournaments. Anglers can livestream from their phone or using a Gopro. During a livestream, an angler can click on one button to create a highlight reel of their catch for viewers to see. So viewers will always be entertained, through livestreams, catch highlights, fishing content, or participating in a live chat with other viewers.

To take the entertainment a step further, Cast created fishing challenges. Users will be able to participate in daily, weekly, or monthly challenges. Challenges will vary in species, regions, and types of prizes. The prizes can range from fishing gear to cash. Users will be able to follow a real-time leaderboard to see their progress vs other users in the challenge. What makes the challenges interesting, is that you can compete in multiple challenges and/or fishing tournaments at the same time. Cast has also announced they will be launching a 1v1 feature. Users will be able to challenge other users in a 1v1 battle. Users will be able to wager digital tokens in 1v1 battles. The tokens can be used to sign up for fishing challenges. Users must purchase the digital tokens but Cast offers discounts off token packages. All new users to the Cast platform will receive 100 free tokens.

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