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Select between a one-time purchase or the Fishing Tackle & Monthly Subscription Box, the box size of your choice, and take our fishing survey. Once complete, it will be sent to our Pro Staff team. They will use this information to create our boxes. Our inventory consists of lures from many different high quality brands and also our own branded lures. Our goal is to fill your fishing tackle box with lures for many different situations. The time of the season will also determine what lures our Pro Staff Team will select for you. We will prepare you for any weather or water conditions you may encounter to help you catch more fish.

Fishing Tackle Box Monthly Subscription
Fishing Tackle & Monthly Subscription | How it works


We will put together a curated package that will consist of various lures for different situations. If you choose a subscription, you can skip any month or cancel the membership at anytime. There are no obligations and you can cancel anytime. Your purchase will also assist us with our cause of helping support Veterans & First Responder programs. Our focus is to donate to smaller non-profit organizations, as a result we have donated to organizations like Operation at Ease, Veterans Miracle Center, City Missions, and many more.

Quality Tackle

You will receive top quality lures in your one time purchase or the Fishing Tackle & Monthly Subscription Box. Our Premier WTS lures are of high quality material. Many of our custom lures consist of Mustad or VMC Hooks, guaranteeing quality. We will also mix in other quality brands. Some brands include LiveTarget, Chasebaits, Strike King, ZMan, Fish Head, Rapala, Googan Baits, Lunkerhunt, and more. We stand by the quality of the bait and tackle we ship to our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So give us a try, and help us with our bigger purpose of giving back to Veterans.

Fishing Tackle Monthly Subscription

Discover the best new baits shipped right to your door every month. We also include one of our own Premier Warriors Tackle in each box.  #WarriorsFishing

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