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Our Cause

Our Cause

Helping Warriors

Not only do we try to offer our customers great quality lures, but we also try to raise awareness for our Veterans, First Responders, and their families. We donate to First Responder programs, Veteran support programs and services to help them take the steps that are right for them.

Making a Difference

We donate to organizations that meet the immediate needs of our veterans. They work with veterans returning home, or transitioning into the realm of their disabilities, by providing adequate healthcare and financial benefits that they deserve.

Through a range of programs and services, they are transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities. It’s time to start fighting for these Warriors that fought for us.

The organizations we donate to use research, expertise and strong relationships with key individuals and departments to influence policy makers and leverage government support for our veterans. We strive to help our true Warriors.

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