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Our Cause

Our Cause

Helping Children

For every box we send, we will donate $1 towards our cause of helping children all over the world. Helping children hits close to home, as our Founder & CEO adopted his son who needed a home. Our goal is to help fund adoptions and help improve living conditions of orphanages around the world. Some of the organizations we work with include Railway Children, Unicef, Magic Bus, and many more!

Making a Difference

We work with organizations that meet the immediate needs of children on the streets. They utilize outreach workers to go out on the streets to find vulnerable children before an abuser can. Our donations can help children all over the world.

The perceptions of local communities change when we help. We make children on the streets visible to their communities and aid understanding of how they came to be there. In addition to finding homes for homeless children, we also sponsor families in need with children.

The organizations we work with use research, expertise and strong relationships with key individuals and departments to influence policy makers and leverage government support. We work directly with organizations to help build orphanages for children that are homeless.

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