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Slam your current “personal best” with the B8LAB SURFACE SLAM’R! This multi-depth tormentor lures trophy bass from the depths with its irresistible “side-to-side” style action. The slim, baitfish-like body delivers excellent aerodynamic features during casts and super quiet landings. The tapered body provides tight, controlled movements that cut through the water column like a hot knife through butter. With a fast retrieve, the SURFACE SLAM’R can be “walked” across or directly under the surface. On a slow retrieve and/or when left to sink, the SURFACE SLAM’R can be twitched and jerked aggressively to provoke brutal strikes! This lure is a must have all year round when fishing for lunkers. It’s time to take your bass game to the next level – with the B8LAB SURFACE SLAM’R!


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