Bass Bulletz LIP RIPP-R


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Get ready to rip some lips! The LIP RIPP-R darts and moves like a live minnow, daring lurking bass to come take a closer look. Due to its tapered body and baitfish-like profile,the LIP RIP-R boasts superior castability and a tight, enticing wobble – and thanks to its intricately balanced internal weight system, the lure performs extremely well even during windy conditions. On the retrieve, the Bass Bulletz LIP RIPPER dives down andentices fish during its slow rise back up to the surface – often producing violent strikes! The LIP RIPP-R is covered with an intricately designed scaling pattern and comes in five impressive colors. In addition, the LIP RIP-R is armed with razor sharp hooks and ultra-realistic and 3D eyes.


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