Booyah Prank Popper


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The joke’s on that grizzled old largemouth this time! He may think he’s seen it all, but the Booyah® Prank™ Lipped Popper is about to blow his mind. The Prank is a deadly popper and a crazy crankbait, all in one. It’s got a cupped face for spitting, popping, chugging on the surface, and a shallow rounded lip for diving and running subsurface. How can a concave surface lure run like a crank, 2′ down? The secret is its slimmed-down shaved back, which allows the Prank to swim seductively – but as you’ll see, its swimming style is definitely unique! And the feather dressing on the trailing treble simply accentuates the wild action, whether you’re fishing topwater or crankin’. The Booyah Prank may just be that “something different” you need to score big in heavily fished waters!


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