Chasebaits Drunken Mullet 5.1″


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A must-have for all topwater specialists, the Chasebaits Druken Mullet 130 combines multiple attributes to create the ultimate topwater presentation. Featuring a segmented body and an offset double prop tail, the Chasebaits Druken Mullet 130 creates a unique dying/drunk sputtering action with a side-to-side body roll during a slow steady retrieve that looks like an exhausted baitfish on its last leg. During a fast retrieve the Chasebaits Druken Mullet 130 will turn on its side and produce a super loud tail slapping action that fish absolutely love and can’t resist.

Covered in realistic details as well, the Chasebaits Druken Mullet 130 features protruding 3D fins, custom 3D eyes, 3D gill plates, textured scales that deliver a more lifelike presentation to fool even the wariest of predators. Armed with two razor-sharp treble hooks that provide lightning fast hook sets, the Chasebaits Druken Mullet 130 is available in a selection of natural colors that will match a wide range of forage species.