Chasebaits Rip Snorter


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The worlds first truly weedless vibration bait, the Chasebaits Rip Snorter Weedless Vibe is a revolutionary lipless crankbait style lure that allows anglers to fish through cover that was previously never possible with a traditional treble hooked lipless crankbait. Made from a soft and ultra tough 10x material, the Chasebaits Rip Snorter Weedless Vibe features a patented retractable and interchangeable hook system, which sits flush against the back for a perfectly weedless presentation so that anglers can fish through the thickets cover and vegetation without snagging.

Its thin body shape also creates a strong vibration, which displaces a tremendous amount of water, while a willow leaf blade attached to the belly produces a bright flash that attracts fish from all directions. Covered in lifelike details as well, the Chasebaits Rip Snorter Weedless Vibe not only produces an incredible action, but it is molded with a realistic baitfish body shape, exposed fins, 3D eyes, and molded gill plates that bring it to life in the water. Available in true-to-life baitfish colors, the Chasebaits Rip Snorter Weedless Vibe is the next evolution of lipless vibration baits.

-Includes an extra replaceable hook

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –