Doomsday D-Hop 75 Black Betty


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The Doomsday Tackle D-Hop 75 is out to change the game in topwater frog lures, fixing all of the issues with current topwater frogs. Featuring a solid body design made from advanced Dura Foam, the D-Hop 75 is soft, pliable, extremely durable, and has such a low density that it will float any hook you decide to place in it. It won’t fill with water either, and rigged with a 6/0 Gamakatsu Superline Offset EWG Hook, it will increase your hook up ratio by as much as 80% over other frog lures. When rigged with a single hook, it is able to slip in-and-out of cover with ease, and even allows the bait to slide up the line once the fish is hooked up, eliminating any leverage a fish would have to throw the hook.

Anglers have the ability to personalize the D-Hop 75 to suit their needs as well. It comes equipped with four legs that can easily be removed and changed, along with a small hole in the rear to add a split shot or nail weight to adjust the angle at which the bait floats on the surface. Doomsday Tackle also recommends removing the front legs if anglers are fishing open water and trying to produce a side-to-side walk-the-dog style action. Available in classic frog colors, the new line of Doomsday Tackle D-Hop 75’s made from Dura Foam are going to change the way you fish topwater frogs forever.

*Do not mix Dura Foam baits with other soft plastic baits*

Doomsday Length Weight Class
D-Hop 75 3″ 1/2oz Topwater
D-Hop 90 3.5″ 2/3oz Topwater

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –