Fish Head Primal Buzzbait


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Adding a new level of underwater flash never seen before in a buzzbait, the Fish Head Primal Buzzbait is made to elicit violent topwater blowups from the biggest bass around. Featuring a small willow leaf underspin blade, the Primal Buzzbait also boasts a heavy duty wire construction with a premium, plated buzz blade, which allows it to track straight and produce the ultimate surface disturbance. Perfect for those times when you need a little extra attraction, the Fish Head Primal Buzzbait adds the flash and vibration necessary to trigger the predatory instincts of big bass.

The Fish Head Primal Buzzbait is equipped with a SkirtsPlus Bio-Flex silicone skirt, which provides additional bulk and lifelike movement, and it is also crafted with a small gap in the bottom, which allows the underspin blade to spin freely without any resistance. Fitted with a long shank Mustad Ultra Point Hook as well for an improved hook up ratio, a coned bait keeper holds your soft plastic trailers securely in place. Available in a range of lifelike colors with realistic 3D eyes, the Fish Head Primal Buzzbait provides big attraction that calls to even bigger bass.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –