LIVETARGET Sunfish Swimbait


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It is no secret that big bass love to feed on sunfish, and that is why LIVETARGET has painstakingly developed one of the most accurate Sunfish Swimbait ever created. Featuring an anatomically correct profile that will fool even the most wary of bass, it also features an oscillating tail, which generates a natural side-to-side tail kicking action. Outfitted with a stout extra wide gap hook as well for increased hooking power, the hook is also located behind the dorsal fin, which acts as a weedguard and allows the Sunfish Swimbait to come through a variety of cover where sunfish and bass congregate. Also equipped with an accessory pin along the belly so anglers can add additional hooks for short striking fish, it also allows angler to spinner blades to add a little flash and vibration to their presentation.

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