Lunkerhunt Impact Jerkbait Golden


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he Lunkerhunt Impact Jerkbait was simply built to create an irresistible action and put more fish in the boat. Featuring a curved body shape and a rounded bill, which provides a natural baitfish profile and generates a wildly erratic darting action that triggers aggressive reaction strikes. The Lunkerhunt Impact Jerkbait also slowly floats when paused, giving it a secondary action that mimics the last movements of a dying shad.

Providing a more lifelike appeal, the Lunkerhunt Impact Jerkbait features large 3D eyes, molded gill plates, and a textured scale pattern that comes to life in the water and fools even the most wary of predators. Armed with extremely sharp black nickel treble hooks that deliver superior hook penetration, the Lunkerhunt Impact Jerkbait is perfect for any time the bass are feeding on baitfish.

Lunkerhunt Length Weight Depth
Impact Jerkbait 3-1/2″ 1/2oz 0-6ft

Color: Golden

Proposition 65
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –