Warriors Minnow Suspending Jerkbait


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The Warriors Minnow Suspending Jerkbait may look similar to other jerkbaits in the package, but that is where the similarities end. It features an advanced weight transfer system, similar to that found in the Radscale and Buzzjet, that allows it to move on not one, but two axes – both side-to-side and up-and-down. On the retrieve, it responds to even the subtlest rod actions. It has an exaggerated roll, but is so precisely balanced that even on a super-fast retrieve it will always return to center. Its wide side-to-side gait also allows a skilled angler to manipulate it through endless sorts of retrieves – from stop-and-go to feather-light twitches to hard jerks. This means you can create infinitely adjustable amounts of flash to better fit the mood of your quarry.

Size: 6.5 cm/5.5 g
Action: Suspending
Hooks: VMC